Statue of Liberty visit May 8th 2009

The Today Show highlighted and filmed from the Statue of Liberty on Ellis Island today.  The landmark has been undergoing renovations and fixes.  The tower will reopen this summer (on July 4th!) for visitors and this symbol of America is set for a major tourism comeback.

It's time to head to New York for a visit with the lady of liberty.

Mothers Day Recommends May 7th 2009

Bobbie Thomas dropped by to share some star gift giving secrets for Mother's Day ... thank you!

She started with a custom playlist recommendation.  Styled after President Obama's gift to the Queen (of England that is), give your mom an iPod and purchase a custom list of songs off iTune's for her.

Next, how about a Flip video recorder!  These little video camera's really are great ... highly convenient, relatively inexpensive and just plain cool. 

Then comes the kitchen safe recipe reader.  A high tech kitchen accessory ...

And rounding out the list was "A Year of Seeds" from, Orchid Jewelry from hanamiUSA, and a decorative plate from PeoplePlatters

Jon and Kate Plus 8 Book

Kate Gosselin of Jon & Kate Plus 8 visited the show today to plug her new book.  Sadly, the segment and her demeanor were both tempered by the current scandal of Jon being photographed with another woman for a night on the town.

Anyway, here's a link to the book ...

In Preparation for Mothers Day 2009

The Today Show had author Ayelet Waldman on the show today talking about her new book "Bad Mother".


As far as we can tell, it's about not beating yourself and others up over your mothering skills.  Most of us are trying to do a good job ... which goes a long way.


A Star Trek For All

Star Trek took a prominent place on the Today Show today.  Leonard Nimoy was on the show and Al apparently had the opportunity to see the movie already (lucky!).

One theme that seems to run through most of the reviews about this Star Trek movie is that it is accessible and enjoyable for all movie goers ... not just Trekkies.  I'm not exactly a "Trekkie" ... more like a "Trekkie-light" ... so I am really excited to see this one.

I will boldly go to the IMAX for this reinvention of a classic!


Serious Barbeque Looked Pretty Serious

OK, if you didn't see the ribeye steak that was cooked up by Adam Perry Lang today ... feel lucky.  I've been hungry for it ever since. It looked simply amazing sliced and dipped in the "board dressing".  GIMME SOOOOOMMMMMMEEEE!

I will be buying the book below very soon!

Prince Charles and the Rainforest Project

Prince Charles' spokesman was on the show today talking about Charles new effort to save the rainforests.  It's nice to see the Royals spending some time and money on something other than new jets and lavish parties ... wouldn't you say?

We know not everybody likes to talk about tree hugging ... but we love that some of his celebrity and money are going to a cause of any sort.

Learn more here ... The Prince's Rainforests Project

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